I wanted to personally thank you for the interview today. I loved your energy!  Of all the TV Hosts I've been around, you have been a blessing to me! 

-Tiffany Woods

You are the BEST!  With your delightful and engaging personality you set the stage perfectly for the Teen Forum on Sunday!  You successfully engaged the students and made them feel comfortable and confident in stating their opinions when addressing questions posed to the group. 
-Camilla W. Prince, Executive Director
Volunteer & Information Center, Inc.
Montgomery, Alabama

Thanks for the positive attitude. I love being around people with positive outlook. God Bless YOU, my sister.

- Danny Snow

I just love having you in my home every morning. You are a wonderful news anchor.  Thank you for making me smile every morning. You have the cutest laugh and smile. 

-Jane Johnson

I would be remissed if I did not tell you how much I appreciate the genuine interest, kindness, and compassion you exhibit in interviewing your guests.  Also, your undisguised enthusiasm for your guests' projects and/or special events creates a like enthusiasm among your viewers.  Sometimes it even results in a homebody such as I am actually getting out and participating in a community event.

-Karon Bailey 

The first time I saw you I thought you were so gorgeous!  Now, for all these years since, I have learned that you are also beautiful on the inside which is so much more important!  Thanks for coming into my living room every day!


You are hands down the best host ever. You handled the competition (Alabama's Top Model competition) for us yesterday with such beauty and grace. Thanks so much for being you Madam Terry!

-Adrian Young

It was such a pleasure to talk with you Saturday, May 5, for the Chasity D. Barnes Memorial Banquet and Gala. Your message was heart-warming and so appropriate. Thank you for being such a virtuous, God-fearing, and kind-hearted woman. Also, thanks for taking a picture with my father Clarence Burrows. He really is your number one fan! Blessings to you!

-Crystal Burrows