A November to Remember and a Happy New Year!

Once again, November was the month of the year for me! It’s my birthday month and I’m at an age now where I celebrate every day especially during this time. It’s also the holiday season and so much is going on. I usually factor some Thanksgiving events into my birthday celebrations and this year was no exception. The fashion, fun and friends involved helped make my 49th birthday the best yet!

With that being said, it’s never enough… and too much at the same damn time. I drank more in November than I did all the other months of the year COMBINED! I’m not a big drinker but all the events and parties served it to me because I’m the “Birthday Girl”. Next year, I plan to pass on the alcohol and free food and spend more time taking care of myself and upping my health game. The days pass too quickly now and I want to see as many as possible.

I also suffered a lot of loss this month. My cousin Robert passed away at only 35 years old. I also had to suffer through another birthday of my beautiful baby boy RJ. My grandson passed away a few years ago and his birthday was on November 23rd. My mom is gone too so the holidays will never be the same.

Keep your head up though, because we are still here for a reason. God is not done with us yet! I plan to do more of his work and try to inspire and motivate and love and help as many people as possible in the coming year! 2019 WILL be a year of giving and learning and MOVING FORWARD! Here’s hoping others will encourage this kind of growth..starting with the Man or Woman in the Mirror! Now… GO and be happy!!

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