Humble, Honest & Hopeful

I was recently reflecting on the opportunity a few months ago to pay homage to a dear friend at an event that labeled her a "Trailblazer". Webster describes a trailblazer as a pioneer or innovator. She definitely fit that description and I was so proud to be a part of a celebration of the accomplishments of her life so far. Our focus was all on her that night, but my mind did wander a couple of times. At an event like that, one can't help but wonder what your life's work looks like to others.

I thought back over some of the moments and milestones in my almost 49 years and it was very emotional. I honestly shouldn't be here. God's plan for my life has been much more interesting, magical and lovely than I could ever dream. And while I can't know what is ahead, the ability to look back at the many obstacles I've overcome, gives me examples and motivation to move even more mountains in the next few years of my life.

Reflecting is an humbling activity. And if you're honest, it will show you your shortcomings and show you how you're special at the same damn time. Most of all, it makes me so hopeful about what this crazy world has to offer. Just watch, I'm really just getting started! So are YOU! Now... go be happy!!

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