Celebrating Black History AND #BlackExcellence

The month of February has long been set aside by the black community to muse about the many contributions our people have made to the world in the recent and distant past. There are so many “firsts” and inventions to shine a spotlight on… but now we are realizing that the contributions continue daily and they are to be commended as well.

Talented photographer, Desiree Mack, recently asked me to do a photo shoot in downtown Montgomery and I was happy to oblige. She later posted one of the pictures and captioned it with her thoughts on black history using me as a example. It was suddenly apparent to me that I am making history daily as an example to young African-American kids who never had a face that looked like theirs and mine to wake them up every morning before I landed this anchor job. It’s really a significant accomplishment and I embrace my place in the history of a legacy TV station like WSFA in an historic city like Montgomery.

There are so many examples all over the Capital City of the contributions made in the past and you should visit them if you haven’t already. But there are also young artists, educators, scientists and others who are making history right now by aiming for black excellence EVERY DAY! Make it your business to not only seek them out but let them know you see their efforts and appreciate them. We have to recognize our OWN gifts and raise a new generation of leaders and innovators who will end up changing our communities, the world, and BEYOND! We can do anything! Now, remember your heritage of GREATNESS and...Go BE HAPPY!

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