Do the work!

It's been a while since I wrote ANYTHING! No social media posts about working out or speaking engagements or family fun...nothing! That's because it was a rough time... losing my car to flooding rain conditions took a lot out of me. I had to DO THE WORK and get another one and that took much more time than I expected! Now that it's done...I can move on.

And that's what I did! I've been vacationing and part of that was this year's Essence Festival! It's the perfect event for black women..all about our hair, culture, music, makeup and fashion! What a beautiful scene! The seminars are informative, the giveaways are to-die-for and the musical performances are incredible! The highlight for me was the effervescent Goddess of Motown, the one and only...Miss DIANA ROSS! I was on my feet for her entire performance!

This is about to be a busy time for me. Summer always is. That's why it's important for me to stay hydrated, healthy and motivated! I use books, music and watch videos of speakers from all over the world to keep me informed and encouraged! I challenge you to find what gets you going... and then DO THE WORK! Trust me when I tell you...It really pays off! I love you! Now...Go and BE HAPPY!

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