I am NOT my hair!

I’ve been talking about it for years! Some of my favorite celebrities and my girlfriends have been making natural hair look FLY for years. However, I was scared to make such a drastic change. You know how we can be about our hair. But then, my birthday came around and I decided to “gift” myself with this major change. What a difference a few inches of hair makes!

Even as I walked into the barber shop and sat in the chair, I was having second thoughts. But he put me at ease and before I knew it I was transformed into this African goddess! She had been there all the time but something told me at was time to let her loose. I must admit, I was afraid of the implications. Now that I’ve made the BIG CHOP, I see there was no cause for concern! If you want the natural look, it WILL work to your advantage. It’s really not even a big commitment. I had worn wigs every day for the past two years so I was prepared to slap one on my head if I didn’t like the new look!

I LOVE IT! It’s so liberating, quite sexy and easy! I’m looking forward to the evolution of my natural! I’ll keep you posted on products that I like and techniques that work for me. In the meantime, let me know what works for you! And now…Go and BE HAPPY…Naturally!!

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