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Watch out for Swagger Jackers

I am a big fan of Instagram (@verytonyaterry). Mainly because it allows me to keep up with the celebrities that I admire most. Some of my favorites are Will Smith, Issa Rae, Tracie Ellis Ross and Oprah. But maybe my absolute favorite right now is Niecy Nash! She takes us along for carpet premieres, glam sessions, family celebrations and work on the set of her hit show "Claws".

One of her recent posts was about a new term she coined, "Swagger Jackers"! She was telling one of her many handlers to be careful of people who want to hang around you just to try and steal some of your shine. Casting shadows at every opportunity in an effort to make themselves look good and leave you to fight to get the attention back. Many of you have Swagger Jackers in your life. Some you recognize but many you won't until it too late.

Pray to God for discernment to see those potential problem people and rid your life of them before they pull that rug right from under you and you're broken and have to heal to get back to square one. You've come too far to let somebody derail your progress from the 'inside'! Keep your circle small, tight and accountable. If they are not OBVIOUSLY on your team...cut them off! Life's short and precious! Shine on and watch for those shadows that are hiding in plain sight! Now...GO be happy!!

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