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Share Your Gifts

God blesses each of us with certain gifts. Some say I’m blessed with the gift of “gab”.

I take that as a compliment and I want to use it as a way to help, educate, promote and uplift others as well as myself.

That’s the key to making something mean something… sharing! Didn’t you learn that as a child?

As the oldest of three children, I was expected to look out for the younger kiddos. I think I did okay, but it turns out, my sister(who is two years younger) is an amazing caregiver, provider and teacher.

She reminds me so much of our mother! In fact, she takes care of the family in a way that I’m sure makes both my parents very proud. I’m proud of her and I sure hope she’s proud of me too!

Gather your gifts and share them with the world. First, your little corner of the world then encourage others to join in!

Before you know it, we could heal the world! Let’s do just that. Start TODAY! Now, go be happy!

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