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Navigating Your Next Level!

Building a brand or making a name for yourself is not always as easy as it appears. I spent many years on radio and television stations, emceeing, speaking and making appearances at events and venues all over the world to build what has now been branded Very Tonya Terry.

I’m proud of the voice that I have and the experiences I’ve been afforded because of it. Since leaving my last on-air job, I’m branching out and offering my services as a consultant and spokesperson.

One of the efforts I support and represent is 211 Know! It’s a wonderful campaign that uses text messages to infuse positivity into the lives of the women who sign up. It’s an easy way to get motivation, inspiration and information to live your very BEST life!

When you know better, you do better. So, let’s take every advantage to navigate these coming days, months and moments of our lives with grace, knowledge and faith! Check out and let me know what you think!

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1 Comment

Mimi Johnson
Mimi Johnson
Jun 28, 2022

When I put my cell phone number in for the it gives me an error message

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