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Major key to making moves after 50

It's time to get it together and make better choices at this stage in your life! You’re 50 or older and still in the same place as you were last year, five years ago or worst… a decade ago! It’s time to move and that takes more than motivation! Here’s the major key!!

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Gail Irby
Gail Irby
06 ott 2022

Hi, Tonya!! I turned on WSFA yesterday and today, after not watching for over a year, thought, “where’s Tonya Terry”, then Google you. CONGRATS!!! This is WONDERFUL, I excited to see the GREATER impact you’ll have from this platform. I will be following you, and looking for opportunities to assist you and the community at any capacity.

Gail Irby

Opelika, AL

Mi piace
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