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Join me on my real estate journey

If you’ve followed me for a while, you already know how fearless I am! I’ve traveled all over the world and interviewed some powerful people during my TV news career.

That fearlessness helped me move from in front of the camera to a position that allows me the opportunity to help families decide on where their elderly loved ones will live out their lives.

It’s been a joy to help them make that decision and work with “God’s older children” as the marketing director at Wesley Gardens Assisted Living. And now it’s time for another challenge.

I’ve decided to try my hand in another area that allows me to be a part of a life-changing decision for families all over central and south Alabama. I’m a REAL ESTATE AGENT with Wallace & Moody!

It’s a noble profession and one that will allow me the pleasure of working in communities all over the state. You’ve trusted me with your daily news updates for almost two decades, now you can look to me when you want to buy or sell your house. I’ve got you! Let’s GO!

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