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Curvy Girl Summer

It’s Curvy Girl Summer and the WonderFULL World of Fashion is coming in HOT! We have been on hiatus due to the pandemic and we couldn’t c

elebrate our 10th anniversary last year. But now we’re back and better than ever!

Get ready for the WWOF Fashion models in our annual show entitled “Figure 8”! It’s on Sunday, August 8th at 6pm in Fire Events in Montgomery and you’re all invited to see these beautiful, curvy, confident women grace the stage! There will also be a live DJ, vendors and a bar for you to

enjoy before and after the show!

If you’ve ever been to one of our shows before, you know you are in for a treat! We’re anxious to see you and hear your applause, oohs and aahs as you enjoy the ravishing fashion on our runway! We’ve missed you and can’t wait to see you at the show! So, mark your calendar and hit up your favorite WWOF model for a VIP ticket!

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