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It's OK not to Smile

As a kid, I was always asked to smile. For a picture, for a greeting or just because. As an adult, it's the thing people comment about the most when they describe me. What they don't know is, Little Tonya smiled even when she didn't feel like it. But Grownup Tonya smiles when it's genuine because she knows it's ok not to smile if that's not her personal feeling at the time. This book is meant to encourage you to find your reasons to smile and let you know that it's perfectly fine if you don't want to smile in the meantime. Here's hoping your smiles are big, bright and happy!

Sometimes Lessons Look Like Love

Sometimes Lessons Look Like Love.png

Certain things just play over and over in my mind. Others I can't recall for the life of me. It's a defense mechanism. Either I really didn't care or it hurt so badly that I've completely blocked it out of my mind. The episodes I do choose to reminisce about are usually the ones that taught me a lesson...about life, love or loss. So many people encouraged me to share these short stories either to entertain or educate. Whatever your opinion of this book, I hope you are affected. Books have been an escapism for me for years; a place to lose myself, reflect on my life and cause me to think about what brought me to this point.

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